Medical Edge: Cyclebar

CINCINNATI (Liz Bonis) -- A first of its kind workout studio just opened at Rookwood Commons, in Norwood.

Cyclebar is quite a ride! People ride in a room where the music is up and the lights are down, which is all part of the appeal.

Melanie Vollmer said, "It's loud! It's a dance party, it's fun. You don't even know you are exercising."

People start out with a warm up that keeps building and much like spinning, people start to feel it right away!

Heather Herr, a Cyclebar participant describes it, "Everywhere! Obviously my legs, but when I leave the class I have my whole day organized, I have a lot of energy."

As part of the class the only special equipment needed are the shoes. A little clip is attached to the bottom of the shoes. They ask your size when you arrive, you wear them for 50 minutes, and then leave in your own shoes again.

A cool part about Cycle bar is there is actually a weighted bar, so not only do you get legs and core but there is a total body workout and a lots of calories burned.

Angela Hillebrand, a participant, said, "It's the first class I have ever gone spinning with and use the bar and your arms too. So it's great, it's really fun."

Fun that is double the workout, strength training while you ride!

From Sept. 30 through Oct. 5 Cyclebar is offering 42 free classes. CLICK HERE for more information.

Otherwise, package deals average about $15 a class.

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