More Matters: NKY Health Dept. helps teach kids about "Farm to Table" foods

NKY Health Dept. helps teach kids about "Farm to Table" foods (WKRC)

COVINGTON, Ky. (WKRC) - Don't be surprised if the kids come home from school this year with some home- grown fruits and vegetables to eat.

It is all part of a “growing trend” toward a “healthy harvest.”

“More Matters,” that's the name of new campaign by public health experts in northern Kentucky when it comes to fruits and vegetables.

They are now teaching kids at schools in the area by helping them learn how food gets from the farm to the table.

“We grow plants and we get to take them home and eat them,” said Joy, who is a 5th grader.

“The students after school work the garden, and when they have extra produce they get to eat it,” said Monica Smith.

Monica Smith is a registered dietitian who says that the program is all part of letting kids know that more matters when it comes to fruits and vegetables.

“Like how things could be grown and that they could be grown here,” said Smith.

It's all part of an initiative called “Farm to Table.” Kids and families have the chance to learn about the foods through the “Three C’s.”

“The Three C's… in the Community, the Classroom and the Cafeteria,” said Smith.

The “More Matter” message includes:

  • Choosing fruits for snacks instead of candy
  • Choosing veggies for sides instead of chips
  • Making fruit smoothies instead of milkshakes
  • And eating veggie soups and main dishes.

The Northern Kentucky Health Department is also looking for more chefs, schools, farms and community members to partner with them to continue this “growing food trend”.

They have a program coming up on the morning of October 31st for anyone who might be interested.

The overall goal is to get all of us to fill at least half of our plates at each meal with fruits and vegetables.

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