Mount St. Joseph University first to use virtual teaching table

Mount St. Joseph University first to use virtual teaching table (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - Future healthcare providers are now getting some high tech help and learning what's underneath your skin.

As more people live longer, there's a greater need for providers to care for them.

So to help meet the need, Mount St. Joseph University is kicking off a new "physician assistant program" with a virtual teaching tool never before in the Tri-State.

It is called the "Anatomage." It brings to students and staff to Mount St. Joseph University students such as Noah Freppon, who starts his physician assistant training next month.

Noah can literally do what Dr. Gene Kritsky says he loves, allowing students to do with anybody of knowledge, literally.

Unlike a traditional body preserved for science and learning, the Anatomage allows a team to pick a gender, isolate an organ or muscle group, enhance it if needed and figure out what's happening under the skin.

Patrick Cafferty heads up the physician assistant program there. He says that not only does this virtual body allow you to explore, it allows you to make mistakes. It allows for guided imagery and instruction.

Cafferty says the tool not only brings the basics of understanding the human body to life, it brings an appreciation that he says students will actually be able to use in real time in the real world.

The students can access the tool 24 hours a day in the lab for learning. Mount St. Jo got support for it from some area healthcare agencies, such as Mercy Health.

You can find a link to more information about the program and the new technology here.

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