New device removes disease from blood vessels

New device removes disease from blood vessels (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - Local doctors were among the first in the country to use new technology to open blocked arteries.

Doctors at TriHealth were the first in Ohio to begin using the new technology. It was just approved for use in blocked leg arteries which cause serious pain and circulation problems.

He was barely out of surgery but already Tim Mills said for the first time in years his lower leg pain was gone. Tim was having that pain due to poor circulation in his lower legs. So Dr. Patrick Muck took Local 12 News inside his procedure room to show how breakthrough technology was letting him perform a common procedure.

“We call it a pantheris atherectomy,” said Dr. Muck. “That’s where you actually go inside the diseased portion of the blood vessel that causes hardening of the arteries.”

Instead of opening a blocked or diseased artery with a wire mesh tube called a stent, he simply places this tiny catheter through an opening in the hip joint. On the end of it is tiny cutting device. Dr. Muck can see the artery on a real time imaging screen and use the cutting device to remove the diseased tissue and leave the normal tissue.

“With this technology you no longer need a stent, you can selectively remove the disease and leave the normal behind,” said Dr. Muck.

He can then immediately see the blood flowing properly through it again. Currently the procedure is only approved for use in the leg arteries but long term trials were underway to see if it might work for other blocked arteries as well.

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