New technology makes it easier to transplant chest hair, treat baldness

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CINCINNATI (WKRC) - It's one of the newest treatments for baldness and it really can help you regrow hair.

When Local 12 first met Mark Lucas, he was one of the first patients choosing a new path to perfect hair. Rather than transplanting hair from the head, there was another option.

“We took that hair from his chest,” said Dr. Jon Mendelsohn, a facial plastic surgeon at the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center.

When Local 12 followed up with Mark, he was already using a new laser and seeing good results.

Those results were about a month after the procedure, but the real growth comes in time, so now, almost ten months later, you can really see the difference.

Mark does have a nearly full head of hair and he says there's still more coming in.

The really exciting part, Mark says, is that while his chest hair transplant took hours by taking tiny hairs one at a time, it’s now a lot quicker.

“Now we have an automated process, that helps the hair more efficiently,” said Dr. Jon Mendelsohn.

That process is called the “Smartgraft”. It's not just automated, it also does much more.

“It helps remove the hair for us, suction it, keeps it humidified, so it doesn't dry out and keeps it at the proper temperature,” said Dr. Jon Mendelsohn.

What used to take all day could now yield results like Mark’s in far less time with even more transplanted hair. His head of hair is here to stay.

This new technology doesn't really change the cost much.

Depending on how much hair you want to transplant, this can cost $5,000-$10,000.

It is not covered by most medical insurance plans.

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