Pray for Phoenix: Update on the girl's eye surgery

Update on the girl's eye surgery (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - The mother of a young girl says a surgery performed on her daughter's eyes is the answer to a prayer.

Many have been praying for Pheonix, since she was diagnosed with a rare condition called Stevens Johnson Syndrome. It causes severe scarring of the body, and in Phoenix's case, that scarring and inflammation also stole most of her sight.

Since her diagnosis, she's been driving from her home in Alabama to see a team at the Cincinnati Eye Institute .

The team had to rebuild her eyelids, transplant stem cells from her mom into her eyes for healing, and then give her anti-rejection medications.

Last week she had the next step in sight restoration, which was a corneal transplant.

On October 30, she went back into the operating room so they could see how it attached. Doctor Edward Holland said it looks perfect. "We are not really worried about her healing, we are worried about her healing, we are worried about her overhealing, or rejecting, and that's kind of the biggest issue for her, and she'll be watched carefully but we are cautiously optimistic."

So, the family is headed back to Alabama to enjoy Halloween. "We were so close to it being such a different holiday, and so we are so happy that it's going to be a great one and not something totally opposite of that."

Doctor holland says there's still a lot of healing, but Phoenix is off to a great start. She was reading from an iPad Monday.

She is now ready for Halloween. She is going as SWAT officer.

Doctor Holland's team will take another look in about a month. He does expect to be able to get a better picture then of how well her vision will improve long-term.

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