Report: Many teens get less exercise than seniors

Report: Many teens get less exercise than seniors (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - There are new concerns from public health experts about the next generation of “couch potatoes.”

It is really kind of alarming what the new report shows. Teens are reportedly about as active as seniors when it comes to getting off the couch.

While it may seem like no big deal right now, public health experts say the risks long-term could lead to some teens in real trouble.

As kids, many just love to play at the playground, but according to the new study, something changes when they get a little older and become teenagers.

A review of more than 12,000 people who participated in what's called the National Health and Nutrition Survey found on average that 19-year-olds are about as active as sedentary people who are 60 years old.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says teens are paying the price for that too.

The number of teens who are overweight is now on the rise and at about one in five right now. That is a percentage that has tripled in the past few decades.

What's it take not to have this weight gain? Experts at the Cleveland Clinic who reviewed the study found it would help if teens put down the electronic devices and got off the couch.

Long term weight management studies show most people need 60 to 90 minutes of uninterrupted activity most days of the week to maintain a healthy weight.

While little kids do this quite often, maybe big kids could benefit from either being a kid again or perhaps taking a lesson from grandma or grandpa.

Organized sports may be a good way to get teens moving, but quite often the teens interviewed said they are as active as mom and dad tend to be, which means most do best if mom or dad will exercise along with them.

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