Seasonal "prime-time" for headaches is also a good time to seek treatment

Seasonal "prime-time" for headaches is also a good time to seek treatment (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - This Halloween/Fall season also is the prime season for “headaches.”

The headache team at UC Health West Chester is where Dr. Michael Hazenfield is a Neuroradiologist.

Dr. Hazenfield says that many don't realize it, but this time of year can be a prime time for head pain and a great season to find out, as one local mom did, what's causing that head pain so that you can get the right treatment.

“I think probably the worst situation was when I would take my kids to an activity and my head would hurt and I would be driving. So I would get them there and then lay in the back seat of my car in the parking lot until the headache went away and I would drive back home,” said Leah Flick, local mother and patient of Dr. Hazenfield.

Leah Flick knows what it's like to have daily headaches. She had a spinal fluid problem causing a low pressure headache.

“If you really notice there is a postural change in your headaches, particularly if you say ‘the moment I lift my head from the pillow, within a few seconds my headache kind of increases, to ten out of ten, or eight out of ten or a severe headache’, that's enough indication that you have a low-pressure headache,” said Dr. Brinder Vii, a headache specialist.

Dr. Vij and Dr. Hazenfield treat low-pressure headaches, usually by sealing off an area of the spine.

“People need to understand this is a treatable headache,” said Dr. Hazenfield. “This is, if I may say it, a curable headache disorder.”

You can also get headaches this time of year from a lot of other things, such as weather changes that may alter brain chemicals. For many people certain foods can trigger headaches.

This team also says that even a previous spine procedure or injury can lead to headaches.

“I think it's important to know that there is something you can do to get help for this condition,” said Leah.

Newer imaging techniques have made it easier to discover the common cause of some kinds of head-pain.

If you don't find relief with standard medications, that's when you may want to ask your health care provider for some follow up testing.

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