Team of counselors help 12-year-old boy overcome anxiety

Team of counselors help 12-year-old boy overcome anxiety (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - A local family is sharing a message of hope.

A young student got back to good health with the help of a team from Central Clinic Behavioral Health.

They help families such as Caden's, who are struggling with mental health concerns.

You'd never know it when you see him interact now, but at Caden’s first appointment with Heike Wilson, who is a Child Health Counselor at Central Clinic Behavioral Health, she had to meet with him in his family van.

“He stayed in the van with me and we just sat there and I talked and at one point he did tell me that he did want to feel better, he agreed to that,” said Wilson.

That was good news to Caden’s mom Sandra Carter, who said that not only would he not leave the van, she noticed Caden had pretty much stopped fishing and climbing trees and doing so many of the thing he loved.

“He wouldn't go outside, he stopped playing with his friends. I remember for his tenth birthday he wouldn't even go outside, and open his presents,” said Sandra Carter.

“And so, she decided she would reach out for help. It really is a testament to her love that she decided they would take little steps, to try to eventually get him here,” said Wilson.

Caden has an anxiety disorder.

“It’s overwhelming, almost crippling and paralyzing, and really prevents you from doing the things you would do in your life,” said Wilson.

Caden says that it’s a weird feeling that's slowly gone away with Wilson’s help, so much so that Caden actually went to Kings Island this past weekend and actually enjoyed it.

“I went on the drop, the Sling Shot,” said Caden.

Caden discovered that, like the rides, life has its ups and downs, and in the downs he's figured out what he needs to do.

“I have to seek professional help for this to stop,” said Caden.

And while it's always a journey, after homeschooling for several years, Caden may be ready for the next step.

“Caden’s going to go back to school in the fall, which we're really excited about,” said Sandra Carter.

Central Clinic invites you to a special celebration of 95 years next week.

They are holding a special luncheon on April 24th. You can learn more at this link.

You can self-refer for counseling at the center. They serve both children and adults.

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