Teen flown for medical care at no charge

Teen flown for medical care at no charge (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - The heat is already bringing people into area emergency rooms and a teenager in need of medical care said she was alive thanks to some very special “angels.”

Imagine needing care and even surgery at Cincinnati Children's Hospital but not living in Cincinnati. That was the story of a teen from Pennsylvania who flew in to Cincinnati thanks to a team from Angel Flight East. She will get the medical care she needs Friday, July 21, thanks to a little help from above.

It was not the usual way a patient arrived for medical care but then as people can see from pictures of Molly Schenkenbergers life, she was anything but typical. Molly is 17-years-old and said if it weren't for the volunteer pilots for Angel Flight East she wouldn't be alive.

Since Molly's birth she has needed reconstruction of her intestines and her spinal cord, “Her spinal cord and spinal column were fused together as a baby, she had that detached,” said Molly’s mom, Colleen Schenkenberger.

Right now Molly's kidneys are shutting down and she needs medical care several times a year. She can get to it because of pilots such as Frank who donates his 1966 Bonanza.

“It’s a privilege and a pleasure to be flying Molly,” said Frank.

Frank covers the cost, along with Angel Flight East, for Molly’s medical transportation, “It's a rare opportunity to do something you love and to help people.”

Molly and her mom said if people don't believe in angels, there's something they want people to know, “Right now with everything bad going on in the world, I’m convinced there's more good people in the world than there are bad people.”

Thanks to the team and Molly's medical team she is now living her dream of becoming an actress; a healthy one at that.

“I am actually gonna be in an independent film back home. So I am really excited about that,” said Molly.

It all happens because of donations of money, pilots, planes and time. So if people need help or can donate flight time.


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