Digital Doctors: App helps provide health information for parents

Digital Doctors: App helps provide health information for parents (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - If people are a new parent or have a baby on the way, there’s have a new place to go for some high-tech help.

It's an app designed to allow people to live chat with what some call “digital doctors.”

Cincinnati Bengals player Cedric Peerman and his wife, Hagar, have a new baby, Emmaus. A new app could keep a digital doctor literally on call for their baby and others.

Talk to any new parents and many will say they’re learning as they go. For Cedric, Hagar, and their good friends Vincent and Noel Rey it’s no different.

Vincent is the father of Talia and shared, “Every day, since the day we brought her home it's been a learning experience.”

Emmaus is 11-months-old. Vincent and Noel’s daughter is 9-months-old. Both moms say they have a lot of questions as their babies grow from breastfeeding to another baby, two twin girls for the Peermans are on the way! The parents, full of questions, were not alone.

Jaime Grund is a newborn genetic counselor. She gets asked a lot of questions by parents, especially about what's safe and what's not when it comes to pregnancy and breastfeeding. Questions about exposures to foods, alcohol, or medications.

Grund, with St. Elizabeth, said, “Many times we are able to reassure them what you are doing it right, you are doing the right thing, keep doing what you are doing.”

A child’s doctor is always the best place to go for specific information. The new app is free and can be downloaded to any android or IOS device. It was developed by a team of academic researchers called Mother To Baby.

One of its developers, Jennifer Zellner, PhD, said, “What our goal is is to provide up to date evidence based information to moms and the health care providers who treat them about exposures during breastfeeding so that women and their healthcare providers can make more informed treatment decisions.”

She explained more about the app, “So through the app you can access our information specialists by simply connecting with them with the click of a button. You can connect by phone, by text, by email, or live chat and access one of our experts to ask any question you might have about exposures in pregnancy and breast feeding.”

The “digital doctor” supports what's really important according to Grund, “We need healthy moms to grow healthy babies.”

If people want to download the app CLICK HERE.

There are also fact sheets on all kinds of things and studies people can join to help learn more about wellness, baby, and mom.

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