Vision loss risks following the solar eclipse

Symptoms of vision loss following looking at the sun (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - Glasses to protect against eye damage from the eclipse were in high demand in the last 24 hours. If you snuck a peek at the sun you could be at risk for vision loss.

That vision loss could could even be instant if you looked at the sun too long without proper eye protection.

Doctor Steve Christiansen has been our go-to-guy for months. He's been at this green screen in his basement, warning people of potential eye risks on YouTube videos.

His team at the Cincinnati Eye Institute has been on standby, prepared to see patients that did not heed the warnings to protect with glasses like these.

He showed us what solar retinopathy looks like. It shows up looking like a round spot on he back of the eye. It has some telltale symptoms. "So the symptoms of solar retinopathy are most commonly distortion, or even a blind spot, in your central vision, so you may see things in your central vision that you just don't see things as clearly, maybe it's dim or grayed out .(butt to 26: 56) it would probably be fairly immediate that you would have vision loss, it would certainly be within minutes, hours, you would notice it pretty quickly."

Now the good news is that sometimes it improves on its own but you still may have some vision loss. If you are experiencing vision changes right now, you should get in to see your eye doctor right away.

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