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Athletic taping could help in recovering from injury

For injury recovery, many people are turning to a technique called athletic taping. (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - For injury recovery, many people are turning to a technique called athletic taping.

It uses a specific stretchy kind of tape to lift and support the area, which Katie Schwegmann, PT, MPT at OrthoCincy said can help in healing.

Schwegmann said the tape can decrease inflammation. It facilitates muscles that aren't working properly and decreases muscle tension that could occur when a muscle is overworking to accommodate certain joint mechanics.

Cindy had a frozen shoulder after elbow surgery. Schwegmann said Cindy developed tightness in her shoulder and couldn't move her shoulder up and down.

"We used a combination of exercise, some hands-on treatment using some tools, and then to reinforce some of the muscle relaxations and then the improvement of the function in the shoulder to kind of reinforce the mobility and her ability to contract the muscles properly," Schwegmann said.

So, does athletic taping help?

"Well, I'll be honest, because when [Katie] first suggested it, I thought there's no way a piece of tape's going to take the pain away," Cindy said. "Because I couldn't exercise at home because of the pain, but I went along with it. So, she put the tape on and I went home and thought, 'You know, this is crazy.'"

But Cindy said within an hour, the tape began helping. She felt support from the tape, and the pain started going away. She was even able to go back to her exercises.

That tape can be purchased at a sporting goods store for $10-20. You do need to have someone with athletic training to show you the proper technique for putting it on, however.

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