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Do you have toe pain? There are new advances in treating toe arthritis

Do you have toe pain? There are new advances in treating toe arthritis (WKRC)

FAIRFIELD, Ohio (WKRC) - You may want to know about some newer advances in pain relief if your toes are giving you grief.

“Toe arthritis is one of the more common things we see in our office,” said Dr. Jim Sammarco, an orthopaedic surgeon with OrthoCincy.

Dr. Sammarco confirms what a recent report from the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons says. Many people will develop big toe arthritis at age 40 or after, either naturally or as the result of an injury.

Symptoms can be mild moderate or severe, and x-rays can be mild moderate or severe.

The report states this is a fairly common problem, which if you want to stay active, as you age, might need to be addressed.

There are some newer alternatives if you want to continue to run, walk, or be active as you age. You may want to look into one of them.

If it's bone spurs from arthritis that are causing you pain, you can surgically remove them.

“We can also reshape the joint by cutting the bones around it to improve the motions of the joint,” said Dr. Sammarco.

If that doesn't get you walking again without pain, a newer option is the Cartiva implant, which is almost like an artificial cartilage. It’s a half of a joint replacement using a synthetic polymer that is going to be long lasting.

Dr. Sammarco also says you may want to be extra careful with what you wear on your feet during exercise or any other time if you have toe pain.

“Shoes make a big difference,” said Dr. Sammarco.

High heels push the foot forward and may add to the pain, compared to a flat shoe or sneaker with room for the toes to bend and move.

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