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Local team can perform hip-replacement surgery, have patient home on same day

Local team can perform hip-replacement surgery and have patient home on the same day (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - A major surgery may no longer require a major hospital stay.

If you need a hip joint replaced, the procedure used to require major recovery time, but not anymore.

The team at OrthoCincy is now performing it as an outpatient procedure at Saint Elizabeth Healthcare.

For one local woman, it's made all the difference in getting her home, pain free.

She always had an active lifestyle-- walking, gardening and playing with her dog. Until one day, Rosemary Williams says, hip pain got in the way of that perfect play.

“I got it checked and they said you have to have a hip replacement, and I was kind of shocked by that,” said Rosemary.

The good news is that her surgeon, Dr. Matthew Grunkemeyer, replaced that hip and had her back home on the same day.

He says that he can do that because newer techniques now allow for it.

“We come in through the front of the thigh instead of the butt muscle,” said Dr. Grunkemeyer.

This change allowed Rosemary to go home the same day with less tissue damage, less muscle damage and home services that would be needed, such as physical therapy for healing.

"They want to be on their own couch or bed, and in their own home environment if we can do that safely, then it's a better way to recover."

Dr. Grunkemeyer points out that you need to be a good candidate for going home the same day. Rosemary took all the proper education and decided this is what she wanted to do, which can make a big difference in recovery.

“I had a support team to take care of me and I knew that, and I feel like if I would have known that I don't think I would have put it off as long,” said Rosemary.

Rosemary says she's back to full range of motion, and has had no complications from going home the same day.

“I feel like I can do everything I did before, just not in pain,” said Rosemary.

Now it's important to point out that not every person is a proper candidate for this one-day procedure.

Since this is so new, there is not long-term data yet to show any major differences patients should know about.

But the team at OrthoCincy says they are now tracking patients and will compare results.

Saint Elizabeth says they already do this with knee and some shoulder replacements, with good results.

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