OrthoCincy has the couch workout to ease your aching bones this winter

Bone specialists at OrthoCincy showed Local 12's Liz Bonis the at-home workout you can do in any weather. (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - Think you can't work out this season because it's too cold?

Think again.

If the cold weather seems to make your bones ache, maybe it's not the weather.

Thinning bones can cause the pain.

It's estimated as many as half of us could end up with thinning bones over time which can be painful without the right therapy.

Bone specialists at OrthoCincy showed WKRC's Liz Bonis the at-home workout you can do in any weather.

Doctor Howard Schertzinger said pain can set in when "bones go from this architectural situation to which the bone architecture thins, so they become fractured, porous. So the common term that patients say is brittle bones, so they will actually have thinning of the bones that will be quite brittle and painful."

Imaging of a brittle bone shows you can almost see right through.

And if you don't have that imaging, you might not know what's causing pain in your back, hips, knees or elsewhere.

"When that happens, you generally end up in therapy, as well as on bone building medication," said Schertzinger. "And because of that, the bone can't take the force, so walking steps, getting up from a seated position, and the pain comes from more of the force across that bone."

To help support the force, get up and down right now, from the chair or couch where you are sitting.

Or while you are sitting, do knee extensions or knee lifts.

Next, on the other side of the chair, do leg lifts and keep swapping legs.

He also suggests wall sits, which forces you to use the front of the thigh.

And finally, find a wall and get on those tiptoes.

Commit to doing those exercises for 30 days and maybe the cold weather will hurt a little less.

The best test to find out if you are headed for thinning bones is a DEXA scan.

In most cases, it is covered by your medical insurance plan.

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