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OrthoCincy: Losing weight might help reduce joint pain

OrthoCincy: Losing weight might help reduce joint pain (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - If you have soreness in your joints, local surgeons say a simple step might help you reduce that pain.

Everyone makes New Year’s Resolutions and the team at OrthoCincy says that you shouldn’t make the resolution to drop 10 pounds this year. Instead you should drop one or two. Your joints will thank you.

Dr. Joshua Murphy regularly treats patients who have joint pain from arthritis, especially in the hips and knees.

He's one of the few now trained in breakthrough stem cell therapy for those trying to avoid a joint replacement.

“We actually do it as an in office procedure, where patients come in we perform a liposuction procedure around the abdomen, then we use a kit to extract the fat cells, and then we can remove them and re-inject them into the affected body part,” said Dr. Murphy.

Hip and knee pain is so prevalent now. Dr. Murphy says that while he used to see only primarily older adults, more often that age is getting younger.

“Now we're in the 40’s and patients are developing significant arthritis and they are seeking treatment options, they have a lot of pain,” said D. Murphy.

For those who don't want to end up with arthritis in the hip or the knee, Dr. Murphy says you should drop your body weight. For every one pound lost, you take about four pounds of pressure off your knee. That can make a big difference long term.

“It's very clear that as body mass index which is a measure of height and weight there's an increase in instance of hip and knee arthritis,” said Dr. Murphy.

The newest research says that if it's not acute pain, movement really helps, which can also help in weight loss. So don't forgo regular exercise.

Dr. Murphy says, if needed, get a prescription for physical therapy to help you get started.

“By and large, keeping your body weight low and your exercise high is giving you the best opportunities to avoid hip and knee arthritis,” said Dr. Murphy.

Lots of other things do play a role other than weight.

To find out more about the stem cell procedure or anything else you can reach out to OrthoCincy.

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