OrthoCincy physical therapists say exercise, paying attention prevents injuries from falls

OrthoCincy physical therapists say exercise, paying attention prevents injuries from falls (WKRC) 

CINCINNATI (WKRC) – There is a disturbing trend showing up in injuries these days, and it has to do with “distracted walking.”

As we head into fall, a new report on preventing falls is raising new concerns about a few of the things that make people “misstep.”

Therapists at OrthoCincy spoke about the report and what everyone should know about preventing falls.

Think you are only at risk for falling when the weather gets bad or if you are not so steady on your feet? Think again.

Jill Goodwin, a physical therapist, says when it comes to repairing broken bones and injuries from slips and falls, her team sees people of all ages.

Jill backs up what a recent report from New York University found that most says people need better balance in their lower bodies to keep upright.

People at home can work on doing that by standing on one leg and trying to challenge their own balance.

Those things can really help fight falls, such as, in a very cute example. when puppies get underfeet

Or, more commonly, when you simply take a quick step off a sidewalk and need to maintain yourself upright.

The new report says that while you can and should do all of these things to try to control your body and your home environment, you actually are more likely not to fall inside especially this time of year.

Rather, it is outdoors, where there are all kinds of things in the environment you do not control, that you should be more careful. For example, every time you take a walk and you are on the side walk, you may notice there may be uneven pavement or cracks that you don't see. And quite often you don't see them because there is something else distracting more people than ever before.

“Cell phones are probably one of the things. People are always distracted and in a hurry. We are always behind and trying to multi task and not paying attention to their surroundings, and that puts them at a greater risk of falling,” said Goodwin.

The practice of walking with cell phones now so common that those who do it are now called “zombie pedestrians.”

If you do that, then you better do more bone-building exercises to help reduce breaks if you do fall.

“Weight training exercises are a really good way to do that,” said Goodwin.

Often, people do sports drills as kids that we don't do as adults, anything that keeps you quick on your feet can make a difference.

There is some legislation now in some states that can ticket you for walking and texting.

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