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OrthoCincy team says you can strengthen muscles to avoid knee pain

OrthoCincy team says you can strengthen muscles to avoid knee pain (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - If you are struggling with knee pain that causes you to stumble a bit, local doctors have some important advice for everyone.

People occasionally have that feeling of getting weak in the knees, but when that happens to you on a regular basis, you may need to know a few things that can keep you standing tall.

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, a buckling in your knee can have you off your feet fast.

And quite often when that happens patients come into OrthoCincy in Montgomery to see knee specialist Dr. Kevin Shaw.

“Most times when the knee gives out, it is the muscles around the knee, like the thigh muscles and the hamstrings, giving way and not working for a quick second because of pain in the knee,” said Dr. Shaw.

Dr. Shaw said that there are a number of things that influence that pain in the knee, and that there are a few things that you can do to strengthen the muscles around it, even if you can't get the problem to totally go away.

Dr. Shaw suggests you start working with a trainer or physical therapist to get some exercises that help build up the muscles. Because with the exception of a serious injury or ligament problem, quite often it's the muscle that doesn't respond.

Most people when they have pain in the knee and they know whether it's from the kneecap or tendon, meniscus or arthritis, the pain tells the brain to not let that muscle work and it quits for a quick second or two and your knee buckles.

He suggests you get to your doctor for proper imaging to make sure nothing else is wrong. Once that's established, when it comes to the knee problem, most times that will get better when you exercise, according to Dr. Shaw.

The best kind of exercise builds up the front leg muscles above and below the knee. You can do that with any kind of resistance exercise.

Light bands will work, and so will stabilization exercises with workout equipment.

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