Reducing pain has just gone wireless at OrthoCincy

    Reducing pain has just gone wireless at OrthoCincy (WKRC)

    CINCINNATI (WKRC) - The team at OrthoCincy has for years used a drug-free method of pain management for injury recovery and help in healing. Now, this kind of healing has gone mobile.

    For everything athletic injuries to runners or overuse pain, orthopaedic medicine specialists such as Dr. Howard Schertzinger have for years used what's called a TENS (transcultaneous electrical nerve stimulation) unit to help patients manage pain.

    Traditionally, that stimulation came by hooking up to a machine, but recently the FDA approved wireless units. The goal is to reduce the need for pain medications by interrupting the nerves transferring pain up to the brain.

    This new wireless technology now allows TENS use anywhere, anytime.

    "The wireless units are actually blue tooth or through the cell phone, and patients have apps," Dr. Schertzinger said.

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