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Student from Walton wins first competition of the season after ACL injury recovery

Student from Walton wins first competition of the season after ACL injury recovery (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - A high school athlete from Walton is giving thanks after a bad injury nearly took him off the track.

Sometimes the hardest part of any recovery isn't just the injury, it's keeping your confidence up enough to know you can come back.

Luke Lawson was known for being the state title winner in track, but last summer he suffered an injury.

“I tore my ACL during tryouts for high school soccer,” he said.

By the time Dr. Adam Metzler, an orthopaedic surgeon at OrthoCincy in Edgewood, saw Luke, he says the ACL injury was apparent.

“Typically involves a put, pivot, plant and they feel a pop in their knee,” said Dr. Metzler.

Sure enough, Dr. Metzler’s team had to reconstruct Lawson's ACL.

“Meaning we are going to essentially make him a new ACL,” said Dr. Metzler.

Following that procedure, Lawson was told it would take about six months for it to be medically appropriate for him to get back on track. So he set a goal, and this week, he finished it.

“My goal was to get back on track and defend my state title for track hurdles,” said Lawson.

Sure enough, after months of physical therapy and rehab, he did it.

“It was probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done,” said Lawson.

Just days ago, Lawson got to compete in the event of his choice and he won his first race of the year after all that hard work.

“Last Friday we had a meet with like 25 teams and I ran the 100 hurdle and won that,” said Lawson.

Lawson credits a contract (so to speak) with a surgeon who didn't just raise the bar, he set it to a new height.

“This is a 50/50 deal. You gotta do your part, I gotta do my part. I’m gonna give you a good ACL and if you do your rehab you can get there,” said Dr. Metzler.

“I was just super happy with the outcome,” said Lawson.

It was just six months, but that's the right amount of time for the body to heal.

Lawson is now adding other events to compete in and hopes to have similar results.

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