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Top nutrients can help in healing of broken bones

Top nutrients can help in the healing of broken bones (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - The recent weather changes, with everything from rain to ice and snow, have led to a number of slips and falls in the Tri-State.

And if that has you healing from a broken bone, there are a few nutrients that can help you get strong again.

There are a lot of people trying to mend from recent bone breaks, for that there is a talented team at OrthoCincy that knows about what it takes.

Getting proper nutrition can set you up for success. That is, of course, after proper initial bone-building care.

With so many weather changes in recent weeks, it's hard not to take a fall and end up with a broken bone.

“Lots of wrist fractures, lots of shoulder fractures… I even do hip fractures… all very common this time of year,” said Dr. Jonathan Slaughter, an OrthoCincy surgeon.

So, here's what Dr. Slaughter wants you to know: If you are in pain, get proper medical attention.

“I've had multiple people come in--they fell months ago. They are still having problems, and now it makes reconstruction a problem and sometimes rules out being able to fix things,” said Dr. Slaughter.

Therapy to repair after proper diagnosis can help you rebuild most of what's needed to get strong again.

“It depends what the injury is, usually six to eight weeks the recovery phase you want to get motion back and get your strength back, and once you get strength it will help you protect is from future injuries,” said Dr. Slaughter.

But while you are at it, get some dairy which is loaded with calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D for bone healing.

In addition to those specific bone-building nutrients, there are a few foods that you might want to include, not just for long-term good bone health.

Most of them you can find at any salad bar. A new list on Web MD says greens are loaded with calcium and Vitamin K for bone building, many other foods you have potassium and magnesium needed for absorption.

Plant proteins such as beans have bone-building nutrients and give you calories without fat so protein gets used for its proper purpose.

Finally, go for as many different colors as you pile these foods on a plate. Many fruits and vegetables have natural phytochemicals that help in healing, found in the flavors, colors, and textures of foods.

There's no wrong way to eat by color.

It can be up to a year to completely heal from a bone break.

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