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Warning from health care providers: Watch your step as it gets icy

Health care providers are offering a warning to watch your step as we head into another icy weekend. (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - Health care providers are offering a warning to watch your step heading into another icy weekend.

As rain freezes, sometimes underneath snow, the team at OrthoCincy says it sees a lot of patients suffering from fall injuries.

"So, just to make this clear, when you hear ice warnings? We batten down the hatches and get ready," said Dr. Forest Heis of OrthoCincy.

That's because, just the other day when the Tri-State had wet, icy weather, Dr. Heis got a lot of new patients.

"The freezing rain is the worst because people see it's raining; they don't realize the ice forms on the sidewalks and their driveways and it gets so slick," he said.

It got so slick Dr. Heis' urgent care caseload went into an icy climb.

"Just this past ice storm we had 15 hip fractures where we usually will see one or two a day," Dr. Heis said.

In addition, the weather brought in lots of ankle and wrist fractures in people of all ages, from kids to adults.

"The ice is slick and you fall and you will break something," said Dr. Heis.

If you do have a break, it's suggested you go to an orthopedic urgent care center as emergency rooms might be busy with other injuries.

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