Women needed for new studies on gynecological care

    Women needed for new studies on gynecological care (WKRC)

    CINCINNATI (WKRC) - The Ohio Center for Sexual Health recently opened to launch coordinated gynecological care for women.

    A team, led by Dr. Somi Javaid and Dr. Sarah Bartlett, not only offer confidential care for everything from hormone therapy to low libido. However, center also has several women's health research studies going, and need women to participate.

    Some of the studies use vaginal lasers for a variety of conditions including reducing pain with intimacy.

    Other studies look at medications that might enhance intimacy for women in a number of ways. The team says this is very important because there are 26 sexual enhancement medications on the market for men and just two for women.

    "There are real issues with the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approving appropriate medications for women's use," Dr. Sarah Bartlett said.

    "One of the clinical trials we are actually using it or we can use this laser internally or externally is for a skin condition called Lichen sclerosis," Dr. Somi Javaid said.

    Lichen sclerosis causes discoloration of the skin on certain intimate areas and is common in women after hormone changes later in life.

    For more information on these trials, you can call the Ohio Center for Sexual Health at 513-404-4166.

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