Alligator captured from Indiana pond

An alligator was captured from an Indiana pond (WSBT)

PLYMOUTH, Ind. (WSBT/WKRC) - Families in a Plymouth subdivision could barely believe their eyes. They discovered they had a new neighbor – an alligator – in their pond.

Indiana is not known for alligators in the wild. With the cold winters, alligators would not survive in this region.

When the family called authorities, they didn't believe them. But sure enough, WSBT 22 set up a camera and within 10 minutes the alligator neighbors nicknamed “Ali” showed up.

This used to be a subdivision pond where people fished and had fun, but now they're there just to see the gator.

“Last night I got a phone call from my daughter and son-in-law who live in this house here in Plymouth,” said Kevin Hines. “And she said ‘Dad, there is an alligator in the pond behind our house.’ I didn’t believe it. She sent a grainy little video of it and yes, sure enough, it was definitely a swimming reptile about 3 feet long.”

Teen boys saw the alligator a few days ago when they were fishing. It tried to eat their bait.

“I thought this is not possible,” said Hines. “They couldn’t survive through the winter. But probably somebody has abandoned it as a pet that got too big.”

Brandon Crawford of Goshen, along with another man, helped capture the gator on Wednesday morning. Crawford says he is originally from the south and used to catch alligators on a regular basis. He says he used a frog to lure the gator to the shore. The men then called police, who sent out someone to pick up the reptile.

No one was hurt.

Dr. Betsy Culp with Seven Oaks veterinary Clinic says the alligator was probably released by its former owner. She says owning alligators as pets is not a good idea.

“Number one, we don’t have the proper nutrition for them,” she said. “They actually do have specific nutritional requirements. Number two, they are unpredictable animals. They are wild animals and overall – once they get bigger they become more challenging to handle. They can become very dangerous.”

In the state of Indiana you can own an alligator as a pet as long as it's less than 5 feet.

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