Ice cream truck beats the heat with the sun

Ice cream truck beats the heat with solar panels. (KLAS/CBS Newspath)

LAS VEGAS (KLAS/CBS Newspath) - It's the tune that can only mean one thing: a cold treat on wheels is near.

But this is not your ordinary ice cream truck.

"I have been working on this for three years," Ice cream truck owner Harrel Remmer said.

Remmer restored the vehicle he bought for $800.

The improvements include four solar panels instead of a generator, which are mounted on top of the vehicle.

"The power comes in through these black wires right here, comes in through a charge controller. It comes in higher voltage. This can tell you exactly how much voltage is coming in from the sun," Remmer explained.

The Henderson resident built his own system which supplies power to two large freezers.

"Minus 23 degrees in the freezer right now. Try doing that with a dumb plug," Remmer said.

Remmer has invested at least $2,000 in the eco-friendly system.

He says the long-term benefits are worth it.

"Don't have the noise from a generator, the maintenance, the fuel, the emissions. Solar panels last 25 years or more, that's what they're guaranteed for."

Remmer owns the first solar-powered ice cream truck in Nevada.

He came up with the idea after growing tired of the health hazards associated with a generator.

Remmer searched for options online and found someone in another state had already created an ice cream truck powered by the sun.

"I said 'bingo,' the lights went on and I says 'I can do that.'"

Remmer is ready to ditch his old ice cream truck he has driven for the past four years and hit the road with his new creation.

"I am definitely excited and I know the kids are."

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