M&M's introduces 3 new flavors, but only one will stay

M&M's announced Wednesday they're releasing three new limited-edition flavors. Fans can vote on their favorite to keep it on the shelves. (M&M's/CNN Newsource)

Plain or peanut M&M's? Pretzel or crispy? Crunchy raspberry, crunchy espresso or crunchy mint?

Those last three flavors are part of a limited-edition release from M&M's, but only one will stay on the shelves (for a time, anyway). M&M's announced the new flavors Wednesday as part of their Flavor Vote. Fans will get to vote on which one wins.

The new flavors will hit shelves April 1, and voting will go until May 25. The winner will be announced in August and be available nationwide for 18 months.

All the flavors are made with dark chocolate.

Fans can vote here.

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