Neglected pitbulls give addicts a second chance

Neglected pitbulls give addicts a second chance (Pittbulls and Addicts)

NEW YORK - A New York man says abused and neglected pitbulls are the reason hes been able to kick his 13-year drug addiction.

Michael Favor founded "Pitbulls and Addicts", support group that gives dogs and addicts a second chance.

Favor even built a 4,000-foot facility by hand as part of his own recovery.

"I'm a dog hero," Favor said. "but more important, I'm just showing people that you can do it."

"I accepted the fact I was an addict," Favor told Local 12. "I changed a negative addiction to a positive addiction and it's my mission to show the world change is possible. Pitbulls and addicts are two misunderstood breeds."

Despite its name, the group takes in a variety of breeds neglected from all over the country and many of the volunteers are recovering addicts.

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