"Windshield Poet" leaves encouraging messages on strangers' cars

Alex Lewis earned the nickname "Windshield Poet" after going car to car, leaving behind encouraging notes. (KXRM / CNN Newsource)

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KXRM / CNN Newsource) - A Colorado Springs man earned the nickname "Windshield Poet" after going car to car, leaving behind encouraging notes.

"Personally, I believe words are the most powerful force on the planet," Alex Lewis said.

That is exactly why he created car-window poetry.

One windshield at a time, his poems are making a small, yet meaningful difference in people's lives.

"Those words can be something that if you're hurting, they can give you hope," Lewis said. "If you're starting to feel like your dreams don't matter, they can be the thing that breathes life into them."

Lewis isn't the only one with a message to share.

Marissa Bruno, a student at University of Colorado, wrote, "Here is a little note to say I hope you have a wonderful day."

Jonathan Smith said is also from University of Colorado. He wrote, "Don't look at the blood, but share the love with everyone because we are one big family."

Lewis recruits writers from various schools to help craft the tiny notes and says the perspective behind the pen is what makes these poems so unique.

"Our perspectives matter, our stories matter and so -- you know -- not everybody has that perspective or that story," Lewis said. "It's something that's unique to us. It's something that can speak to others and they're stories that people can see themselves in."

Bruno said, "I really think it's an amazing idea. It's such a little thing that can make such a big impact on someone's day."

"With the election and everything going on, we're so spread apart and so divided right now that these little notes can really start to bring everyone together so that we can be on the same page," Smith said.

The poems don't have to be long or in depth. Only a few sentences will do when it comes to car window poetry.

"At the heart of it is sort of just this idea that words matter and they can encourage people and inspire people," Lewis said. "And if we can get those out into the world, somehow, someway, then they can make a difference in somebody's life."

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