2017 Dodge Demon: From comfortable to crazy [First Look]

2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon (Sinclair Broadcast Group / Jill Ciminillo)

As the lights switch from red to yellow to green, a weird kind of silence wraps around my brain and time feels like it stops.

Release the paddle. Release the brake. Release the second paddle. Hold the gas pedal steady at 1,700 RPMs for half a heartbeat. Then floor it.

The air whooshes out of my lungs from a breath I didn’t realize I was holding as 1.8 Gs press me back into my seat. In seconds, my speed tops 100 mph.

Release the gas. Slow it down. Breathe.

And laugh.

Who needs coffee when you have an empty drag strip and a Dodge Challenger SRT Demon at the ready?

During a recent trip to US131 MotorSports Park, the folks at Dodge showcased the limited-production Demon, fully equipped with production drag radials and TransBrake. For the strip, the SRT folks also added skinny “front runner” wheels to cut front end-weight.

Jim Wilder, the vehicle development manager for the Challenger and Charger SRTs, is quick to point out the engine in the Demon isn’t just a tuned-up version of the Hellcat Hemi. The 6.2-liter Hemi Demon V-8 has 62 percent new content, including larger 2.7-liter per rev supercharger, an SRT Power Chiller liquid-to-air intercooler chiller system and a factory-first After-Run Cooler that keeps cooling the supercharger after the engine is shut off.

The Demon is the fastest production vehicle ever built with a 0-to-60-mph time of 2.3 seconds. It can do a quarter mile in 9.65 seconds at 140 mph. When properly fueled with high-octane gasoline, the Demon engine unleashes a whopping 840 horsepower, which makes it the highest-horsepower production V-8.