Newport school districts' teachers visit students' homes

Newport school districts' teachers visit students' homes (WKRC)

NEWPORT, Ky. (WKRC) - They're not back to school yet, but today the school came back to them.

Teachers, counselors and administrators hit the streets in Newport.

Thursday has been a full day for teachers and staff who made home visits to all 1,500 students in the district.

The streets of Newport were crawling with red t-shirts as an army of teachers made home visits.

Fourth grader Kenya Tomas was waiting on the porch when teacher Clarissa Wilson arrived.

"Hi, Kenya! How was your summer?” said Wilson.

Wilson spoke with the girl's father, met her little sister and buddy the girls' puppy, all little things that can't happen on meet the teacher night.

"It makes me happy. They tell us about what we're going to do and they give some bags that have some things inside,” said Kenya Tomas.

The bags were stuffed when teachers, counselors and administrators pre-gamed Thursday morning at Newport Intermediate School.

The goal is simply to get to know the students, their interests, their needs.

The superintendent says it is working.

"I think we can look at the last four years, our perception in the community is better. We can show that our classroom disciplines are down. We know our test scores have been better. There's just a lot of intangibles that we know are there when students know staff cares about them. There's just so many great things that happen,” said Kelly Middleton of Newport School.

Middleton says it wouldn't work unless his teachers bought in.

They had nearly perfect attendance when roll was called.

"It's just a great way to start the school year off on the right foot and build a relationship before they come into the classroom because you know a little bit about them,” said Clarissa Wilson.

Not everyone is home for the visit.

The teachers put literature on the front doors to let them know they were there and that they will be back.

The goal is a home visit for each of Newport’s 1500 students.

Newport students go back to school on Wednesday, August 23rd.

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