Family 411: Growing a garden as a family

Tips for starting a garden as a family (WSYX)

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WSYX) - Starting a garden is a good way to provide healthy, fresh food for your table. It can also be a place where families can spend time together and build lasting memories.

Whether it's a free pass to play in the dirt or an activity for the family, people are getting into gardening. "I would start small. You want to get some victories under your belt," advises Christie Nohle who is an educator for Franklin Park Conservatory.

"I think it's something you should try, you know, you don't lose your birthday if you kill a plant or two." Mark Miller says starting a garden can be intimidating for someone who hasn't done it but you can learn from your mistakes.

You don't need a greenhouse to grow things but the experts like Nohle have advice for beginners. "I would say planning is the number one thing you would want to do ahead of time."

Fiber containers are used to get seeds started. They can be placed right in the soil. The quality of dirt you use is also key. "You can be in complete control of what goes into the foods that you eat."

Growing vegetables provides a lesson in nutrition and creates vegetable love. "If your kids are a little more finicky about eating vegetables they are going to be much more open to trying the vegetables that they grew."

Gardeners like Hope Anuskewic say they get great satisfaction tending to their seeds. "Nothing better than going out to your backyard and picking a pea or cherry tomato and popping it in your mouth."

Miller say it's exciting to see something new happening at their home, from a first seed that germinates to a grown vegetable. "It is like a little miracle in a way. even if you just have one container, you can garden and get that sense of satisfaction from it."

If you have a patio, consider planting herbs such as basil and parsley. If you have a good-sized garden area, you may consider tomatoes, kale, green beans or cucumbers.

It can be fun to let each member of the family pick a favorite veggie and watch it grow.

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