Family 411: Kids and dance classes

Benefits of dance classes for kids (WSYX)

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WKRC) - There are a lot of benefits of taking dance classes. Parents just need to determine the right time for their toddlers, preschoolers or students to hip hop into a new activity.

Tiny dancers couldn't be cuter in their class but instructors say they are also building a base of fundamentals that will help them as they grow. "Flexibility depletes as you get older. So it's better to start younger with that," said dance teacher Abbie Keller.

In addition to increasing fitness, dancing can help with better balance and posture.

Allie Taylor has been dancing since she was a toddler. She said making friends in her classes is important. The nine-year-old added dancing can reduce anxiety and stress. "I like that I get to make friends and do choreography. I think it is really fun to dance. And you get to express a lot of your feelings."

Marlea Scholten is preparing for a dance competition. The 16-year-old has been dancing since she was two. She hopes to join a college dance team and possibly find a career in dance. "If they like it you will know. And i think it's great to start your kid in dance and see what happens."

While many studios allow parents to view classes from a TV screen, students tell us moms and dads should acknowledge the hard work and not push too hard. "I think it really builds their self-confidence. they really build a lot of great long lasting friendships that they have i mean, for a lifetime," said Jenny Taylor.

"Just make sure you are really listening to your child and making sure they are enjoying dance class," said Keller.

Parents on a budget can look into purchasing dance gear and shoes from gently-used children's clothing stores. They can check with families of older students to see if they have any hand-me-downs for younger dancers.

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