Family 411: More couples relying on doulas during pregnancy and birth

More couples relying on doulas during pregnancy and birth (WSYX)

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WKRC) - More couples are checking out doulas when they prepare to have their babies for a memorable and empowering birthing experience.

Danyel is experiencing labor pains as she prepares to deliver her second child. Her husband, Justin, gets the suitcase as their toddler plays in the living room.

Packing is just one way for preparing for the new baby.

The couple used a doula when they had Landon and will do it again. The couple learned to use exercises to help with contractions.

Jen and Linsey say doula is a greek work meaning servant. "I could text her at any time and be like hey, this is going on. What does this mean."

The doulas help the mother breathe through contractions. "We are that one person that is with them the entire time. And then we stay with them a couple of hours post delivery."

According to an American Pregnancy Association study, having a doula as a member of the birth team decreases c-section rates by half and the length of labor by 25 percent.

"Pairing the doula and the hospital together is really great because we got all those resources available," says Justin.

"How you feel about your birth experience affects how you parent And that can affect your relationship with your baby forever," adds Jen, one of the doulas.

Doulas help mothers learn to breastfeed. And Linsey says they are prepared to visit home after the baby's arrival to assist. "It is so magical and so empowering.

All you have to focus on is being there with your partner and having a wonderful positive experience."

When choosing a doula , find a person with whom you and your partner feel comfortable. Most doulas don't charge for an initial consultation so it's easier to find a good match

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