Family 411: Packing for family vacations

Tips for packing for a family vacation (WSYX)

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WKRC) - It's time to think about spring and summer getaways. There are ways to reduce both stress and wrinkles.

Experts remind travelers to make sure your suitcase is the correct size. Then AAA's Kimberly Schwind says make a list of what you need to bring. "Definitely you want to make sure you are planning. It is easy to just say i don't know what i am going to wear and just throw everything into the suitcase.

It's also a good idea to roll outfits together."

Some of the challenge is to figure out what items should be packed where. "What you want to do when you pack is pack the things you want to wear first on the top."

Ladies can also roll their outfits, including underwear. "I folded the shirt around here. Folded the pants up. You always want to roll the smallest end to the biggest end."

Scarves can be a good option to change the look of clothing. "When you are cold on the airplane , just take out your scarf and it can also serve as a blanket."

Nobody wants to iron when they are on vacation. "Using dry cleaner bags can really cut down on wrinkles."

Here's a handy idea. Place a shower cap around footwear. "That is going to cut down on dirt getting in your suitcase."

If you are bringing baby along, you can pack a diaper bag. Every member of your family can have a carry on and personal item.

Kimberly found a great way to pack necklaces by using drinking straws. "This is going to keep them from getting tangled up in your suitcase."

A practical reminder for baby. If you are bringing a car seat, check the label, it has to be approved for use on an airplane. "It's always a good idea to go before you go on an airplane just to check the latest regulations because they are always changing."

When you travel with electronic devices plan to tape a card on them with your name and contact information to make sure you keep track of what is yours.

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