Get it Button (WKRC)


Open your Uber app between 11am and 3pm.

Request the "PUPPIES" option in your app.

oPlease note: Puppies can only be delivered to offices.

If it's a match, you'll have 15 minutes to spend with the puppies.

o(PRO-TIP): Make sure to have an enclosed space perfect for playtime!

It's just $30 for 15 minutes of snuggle time, and every dollar from your visit will benefit the League for Animal Welfare.

These cute little canines (all of which are available for adoption at the end of the day) will be in very high demand and availability will be limited, so please be patient.

If you aren't able to get a puppy visit today, you can still meet them at the shelter OR at the My Furry Valentine event next weekend!

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