3 boys take turns playing Charlie in "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"

The three boys who play Charlie in "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" talk about acting and being in the show (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" is on its first national Broadway tour. Sheila Gray met the three boys who take turns playing Charlie at Cincinnati's own sweet shop Graeter's.

Collin Jeffrey, 11, Henry Boshart, 10, and Rueby Wood, 11, all play Charlie Bucket. Their the three boys bringing a world of pure imagination to life at the Aronoff Center.

Collin, Henry, and Rueby talk about why they wanted to become actors, between bites of ice cream.

"When I was six, I saw "Alice In Wonderland" at a children's theater and during intermission, I asked my mom, how do I get up there," said Collin. "So that's when I started to audition for things at my community theater and we just worked our way up to this."

Henry said, "So I auditioned for it, I got in, and I did the Broadway workshop, and of course, some people called. And then just like Collin, it kept building and building up until it came to this."

"I always was performing for my parents when I was 3 or 4. And the first show I ever did when I was six was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," said Rueby.

Amanda Rose plays their mom. "They're always positive, they're always fun. They're always doing something to make us laugh."

And Amanda has more in common with these boys than you might think. "I really to be a ballerina while singing. I wanted to invent that because I didn't know about musical theater."

"I like to play an energetic character because it's so exciting," said Collin. When asked if he liked the happy ending he said, "I definitely love the happy ending because I love to see the audience members reaction."

Henry said, "It's pretty cool because this show hasn't been to

these cities yet. These cities haven't seen the show."

Do they get to eat in the show? "Yes, there's one part in the show. I'm not going to say what it is, but we get to eat Lindt chocolate, which is Collin's favorite. and mine too."

"It is work, but it's so fun," exclaimed Rueby. "On days off, I like to walk around, and explore the cities and get to know where I am. It's really cool."

The boys gave their Graeter's ice cream their approval.

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