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Bethel ice cream spot is Legend - wait for it - dairy

Bethel ice cream spot is Legend - wait for it - dairy (WKRC)
Bethel ice cream spot is Legend - wait for it - dairy (WKRC)
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BETHEL, Ohio (WKRC) - Everybody thinks their ice cream stand is legendary. So with that in mind, Bob stopped at one Bethel spot called Legen... wait for it...Dairy.

"We were driving by it and I was like, that looks like a challenge. We've never owned a business before. We just kind of jump into things," said owner Merry Stetz.

A legendary business needs a legendary origin story. And Merry Stetz has one. She and her husband, Glenn, were on their way home from the Ohio Valley Antique Machinery Show when they happened to spot an old ice cream stand for sale. And just like that, they became, not just owners of what used to be a Dairy Isle franchise in the 1950s and a slew of other things in the years since, but also part of a community

"It's a combination of the symbiotic relationship between the community and us. We kind of have the same ideals about supporting small businesses, supporting the teams, keeping things close-knit. They call me out on stuff when I mess up and I call them out on stuff when they mess up. So it works."

It works because Merry says she's quirky and the town's quirky. That's where all the Bigfoot stuff comes from, and the aliens and all the other quirky things.

"Ohio's got a large amount of sightings of bigfoot when you really start diving into it.

Has bigfoot ever ordered anything?

Actually, bigfoot has. Bigfoot's been to pep rallies. He's been handing out ice cream. You can, every once in a while, spot him and get your picture taken with him. But, yeah, he does show up from time to time. "

And so, of course, there's a menu item named after our sasquatch friend. It's literally a bucket of ice cream with every single topping and sauce in the building.

It's ice cream season, friends.

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This was the end of bob's ice cream crusade. Unfortunately he couldn't get to every Tri-State spot.

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