ICYMI: Local 12's Bob Herzog is now a viral makeup artist


CINCINNATI (WKRC) - Most Local 12 viewers know Bob Herzog as the Star Wars-loving, bacon-eating, energetic-dancing morning anchor from the west side of Cincinnati.

In the past few weeks, Bob has become more well-known on social media for a very unlikely reason-- his instructional makeup videos.

News anchors and reporters, men and women alike, wear makeup when they are on television. Bob started going live on Facebook in the morning to demonstrate his pre-show makeup routine in the Local 12 studio.

The social media world has taken notice and his videos are spreading quicker than his infectious personality. Along with millions of views, likes and shares, his videos are now featured on the Daily Mail and Scary Mommy.

"I would like to take this time to apologize to the people of the United Kingdom for invading your shores."

"When a dorky dad meets Scary Mommy..."

On Monday, Bob shared a quick "tutorial" on how he cleans his face when he gets home. In the video, he used dish soap and a questionable sanitary towel to wash the makeup off his face.

You can watch more of Bob's "Wake up and makeup" videos below or on his Facebook page.

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