New wing at CAT House to help fight against opioid addictions

New wing at CAT House to help fight against opioid addictions (WKRC)

WEST END, Ohio (WKRC) - A new weapon in the heroin epidemic is a brick and mortar building in the West End.

The center for addiction treatment -- or the CAT house as it's called -- just finished a new addition that'll help treat nearly three times more patients.

The treatment facility has been open since 1970, first treating alcohol and cocaine addiction. Now about 85% of the patients are addicted to some type of opioid. This new wing named the ‘Spaulding Recover and Family Care Building’ is the first major expansion project.

Kristina Lauch, who’s been sober for 4 years, says she’d be dead without the CAT house. "I couldn't live and I couldn't die and I couldn't stand wanting to live in the misery " We talked to her inside the brand new 5 million dollar addition.

She said she could have benefited from the new services now being offered. There's a new doctor’s office where patients can see physicians that are certified in addiction recovery. A medication assisted treatment clinic and a special mental health counseling center. Lauch says "I absolutely wish there would have been some family counseling, so I could have reconnected with my family faster than I did. Because I'd push my family so far away they didn't want anything to do with me."

Sandi Kuehn has been the CAT house CEO for 26 years. She says the new addition will make a big difference. "So we decided we wanted to do something totally new and integrate both the physical health, mental health which is new for us as well as the addiction medicine piece. So a patient can get all their needs met in 1 location."

Kuehn says getting into the program starts with a phone call. Medicaid, private insurance and private pay options are available.

It’s expected 35 hundred patients per year will be helped. 26 new staff members are being hired to help handle all the new patients.

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