Is That Right? Did a young man die because he couldn't afford insulin?

    The price of medicine led to tragedy?

    CINCINNATI (WKRC) - Occupy Democrats, a group that supports the occupy movement and opposes President Donald Trump, posted a meme on Facebook on Sept. 18, claiming a 26-year old man named Alex Smith died because he couldn’t afford insulin.

    Tragically, the claim is correct. We know because Local 12 tracked down that young man’s mother at a protest over insulin prices that was recently held in Indianapolis.

    “The official cause of death was diabetic ketoacidosis,” Nicole Smith-Holt told us, explaining that her son had been rationing insulin because he could no longer afford it.

    Still, there were significant errors in the post. The most glaring: The name of the young man who died.

    "They didn't even spell his name right," Smith-Holt explained.

    Her son’s name was Alec -- not Alex as the meme proclaimed. And, while the meme states “Alex” “died this year,” he died in 2017. The errors are an issue with his mother, who is still grieving the loss of her son.

    "I wish they would have reached out for the facts," Smith-Holt said.

    While those details could have been easily cleaned up before the post, the thrust of the meme is correct:

    When he turned 26 and was kicked off his mom’s insurance, he started rationing his life-saving insulin.

    Also true is the fact that Alec couldn’t afford $1,300 a month for the insulin he needed to stay alive. So, while the post did get some important details wrong, tragically, the overall claim is RIGHT.

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