Need for speed: 1,500 drivers clocked at over 100 mph in Ohio in 2016

1,500 drivers clocked at over 100 mph in Ohio in 2016 (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - Speeding can quickly turn deadly, but that doesn't stop hundreds of thousands of drivers from going faster than the posted limit and in many cases much faster.

Duane Pohlman investigated just how fast some drivers were going when they got a ticket.

In Ohio last year, troopers ticketed more than 1,500 drivers speeding at 100 miles per hour or faster. Going to the top of the list reveals the fastest.

On a section of I-275 in Clermont County the speed limit is 65 miles-per-hour.

But a laser aimed by Ohio State Highway Patrol Sgt. Andrew Dunn reveals the limit is only on a sign and in some cases it was as though the sign wasn’t there at all.

“I checked you at 93,” said Sgt. Dunn to a driver he pulled over. “I am going to issue a citation for your speed today.”

That driver who was pulled over didn't even come close to the top speeds that were uncovered. As a matter of fact, in the data of more than 350,000 speeding tickets issued by the Ohio State Patrol last year it was discovered that troopers handed out more than 1,500 tickets to drivers going 100 miles-per-hour or more.

At Edgewater Motor Sports in Cleves, drivers can legally drag their cars so they can put the petal to the metal, legally.

As it burns down the track, a “Cobra” turns into a blur, but that 121.8 miles-per-hour the Cobra clocked on the racetrack wouldn't even make the “Top 5” list for fastest speeds for tickets on highways in the Tri-State.

  • #5 – 125 mph at I-75, three miles north of I-275 in Butler County.
  • #4 - 129 mph on I-275 just northeast of Colerain Avenue in Hamilton County.
  • #3 and #2 - A tie at 130 mph at I-75 in Monroe and at I-275 near Five Mile Road.
  • #1 – The fastest speed in the Tri-State that triggered a ticket from a trooper was 145 mph. It happened on I-71 north of Route 68 in Clinton County.

That #1 spot is also the third fastest speed for a ticket in the state. The fastest speed for ticket in Ohio happened on the opposite end of the state in Manoning County on State Route 11.

The speed? 150 miles per hour! That’s dangerous for any vehicle, let alone a motorcycle.

In that case, it was a black Honda that was going 80 mph faster than the 70 mph speed limit.

Sgt. Dunn issues tickets hoping to slow things down, because he knows that speed can, and does, kill.

“A lot more than people will believe it does,” said Sgt. Dunn. “Speed kills.”

It’s no surprise that many of the fastest speeders on the list are young men. The youngest are two 16-year-olds. One was going 104 and the other was speeding at 122 mph.

In addition to the Honda motorcycle that's the top speeder, dozens of other motorcycles made the fastest list, many speeding at well above 100 miles per hour.

Clearly, there is a need for speed and hundreds of thousands of tickets from troopers prove that.

You can see Duane’s fastest list by following this link.

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