13-year-old appears in court for 14-year-old's shooting death on Vine St.

13-year-old appears in juvenile court for shooting death of Surrel Gains (WKRC)

MT. AUBURN, Ohio (WKRC) - A 13-year-old boy appeared in juvenile court for the shooting death of another teen on Vine Street. The boy is charged with reckless homicide, tampering with evidence and what's called weapons under disability.

The teen, who Local 12 is not naming, is accused of shooting Surrel Gains, 14, where Clifton Heights and Mt. Auburn meet on July 30. Gains was found dead between two buildings.

The teen's attorney entered a denial plea, that's the equivalent of not guilty in juvenile court.

He is charged with tampering with evidence because the shotgun used in the shooting is missing. The weapons under disability charge means the teen is not allowed to possess a gun due to previous felony convictions. Court records show the teen had previously been found guilty, or adjudicated in juvenile court terms, of assault at age 11, burglary at age 12 and theft, also at age 12.

The teen's attorney asked for a bond which Magistrate Mary Schulcz denied. The teen has a history of not showing up for court appearances. Court documents point out that in a previous house arrest, he cut off the electronic monitoring device and then committed another crime.

The boy will remain in juvenile detention. He is not eligible to be tried as an adult. Fourteen is the minimum age in the state of Ohio.

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