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14 dogs rescued from woman's apartment in hoarding case

14 dogs rescued from woman's apartment in hoarding case (WKRC)
14 dogs rescued from woman's apartment in hoarding case (WKRC)
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CLERMONT COUNTY, Ohio (WKRC) - 14 dogs are on the road to recovery so they can find forever homes.

These dogs were discovered in a recent hoarding case. They were found in a woman’s trailer in Clermont County.

“About a week ago, someone reached out to us explaining that someone needed some help with a lot of dogs. They were just being overrun by many of them,” said Teresa Fox, chief dog warden for the Clermont County Animal Shelter.

Fox and her team went to a woman’s trailer for a wellness check, and that’s when they found the 14 dogs. 11 are adult dogs, and three are puppies.

“She was trying to do the right thing. Her daughter passed away and she took on the dogs that she left behind," said Fox. "She couldn't really find a solution for it, and they just kept reproducing and reproducing. She required help with a home health aide, so she was just overwhelmed by so many dogs."

Fox says the woman is not facing any charges.

Since the shelter in Clermont County is full, the team reached out to the SPCA Cincinnati for help.

The dogs are in need of medical help.

“In this situation, there was a lot of inbreeding. They didn't spay and neuter, so a lot of inbreeding, and what happens with that, then there's a lot of medical issues, so we have eye issues, we have potential cancer, and some other things,” said Mike Retzlaff, president and CEO of SPCA Cincinnati.

Retzlaff says it could be several weeks, or even months, until the dogs will be up for adoption.

Until then, the main message animal care workers want people to take away from this case is to spay and neuter your pets.

“Not spaying or neutering, all of a sudden, you have more puppies, and before you know it, a couple years’ time, you end up with this many dogs, and you just can't care for them properly,” Retzlaff said.

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Local 12 will continue to follow this story, and update you once the dogs are healthy and up for adoption.

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