14-year-old with Down syndrome brings energy to cheerleading squad

If you look up heart of gold on the internet, you may find Nora Donohue's picture. (WKRC)

ST. LEON, Ind. (WKRC) - If you look up heart of gold on the internet, you may find Nora Donohue's picture.

She's just a ball of energy and loves everyone around her.

You can clearly see that on the sidelines of Sunman Dearborn Middle School football games.

Nora, 14, is a member of the seventh and eighth-grade cheer squad living with Down syndrome.

Her mom, a teacher at the high school, said since she joined this season, the other girls have embraced and rallied around Nora.

"She has her special needs friends, but it's nice to see her typical friends and to see them gather around and rally around her," Pam Donohue said. "It melts my heart. It's wonderful."

The members of the squad said Nora brings the energy.

"Nora is always just so much fun and energetic and always brings a smile to everyone's face," said teammate Karly Scholl.

They've had one game, a scrimmage, so far this season. They've never gotten the cheers they got that night.

"It shows a lot of courage because I'm scared to do football games sometimes, so for her to be able to do it, that's great," Scholl said.

"It's really great to see how much they love her and she just gives love right back," added Pam Donohue.

This team is more like a family than friends.

Nora is a full member of the team. They even use her in a stunt.

They'll take the field once again on Thursday night.

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