150-year-old yeast found in Urban Artifact cellar

150-year-old yeast found in Urban Artifact cellar (WKRC)

NORTHSIDE, Ohio (WKRC) - A construction crew working inside a Race Street building found and old lagering cellar deep underground.

"So this is basically just a big beer cooler, but it's a pretty impressive beer cooler," said Mike Morgan, president of Queen City History.

Usually, nothing is found inside these cellars scattered around the city, but not this time.

"They found an intact wood fermenting vat in this cellar. So that's the first part of what makes this story completely unprecedented," said Morgan.

Morgan thinks that cellar sat underneath the F. and J.A. Linck Brewery built in 1855. The fact that anything is in one piece is unheard of.

"I really didn't think anything would come of it. I thought it would be something that we did and it just failed or continue looking other places and maybe found something in the future," said Joshua Elliott, head brewer at Urban Artifact.

After months of lab testing, Urban Artifact said something was living.

"We actually found this unidentified strain of brewer's yeast," said Morgan.

And that yeast is what gives all beer its flavor. Elliott and his crew have been perfecting the brew made with 150-year-old yeast for two years.

"It really reminds me of Belgian beers, a really mild-like Belgian single," said Elliott.

"Missing Linck" beer is a piece of Cincinnati history, soon to be served.

"We found yeast that has fermented the sugar profile of wort and tastes good is really surprising and really remarkable and I'm just excited that we have it to share it with people," said Elliott.

On Friday at 5 p.m., 60 gallons of Missing Linck will be tapped for the public. If people like the beer, Urban Artifact will brew more.

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