18-year-old charged in connection to cancer patient's murder appears in court

Breadon Reaves appeared in court on a charge of facilitation of murder. Kenneth Jones and a juvenile are charged with murdering Marcie Satchwell (WKRC)

KENTON COUNTY, Ky. (WKRC) - The man accused of providing transportation to two killers after a murder appeared in court. Breadon Reaves is charged with facilitation of murder.

Kenneth Jones and a juvenile are charged with the murder of Denita Marcie Satchwell. Satchwell was Jones' cousin. Satchwell's daughter believes she was killed for her pain medication. She was battling stage 4 cancer.

According to court papers, Reaves also told investigators he knew of the plan ahead of time.

"One of those co-conspirators provided me information that he informed Mr. Reaves in the apartment after the murder and the robbery that they had just killed a lady in Latonia," said Detective Jess Hamblin.

Satchwell was found dead near Rabbit Hash in Boone County, nearly a week after she went missing on June 11. A detective testified that Jones and the juvenile drove Satchwell's body to the Rabbit Hash area in her own car. Reaves allegedly drove his mother's car to the area and picked them up.

Jones is locked up on a million dollars bond on charges of murder, robbery and tampering with evidence.

Reaves' attorney asked for a change to her client's $50,000 bond but it was denied. The case now goes to the grand jury.

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