2 dead dogs found in a creek inside Mt. Airy forest

2 dead dogs found in a creek inside Mt. Airy forest (WKRC)

MT. AIRY, Ohio (WKRC) - Sunday afternoon two dead dogs were found dumped and left to rot in a creek in the middle of Mt. Airy Forest. Mike Sampson and his family found them before heading out on a hike.

“As soon as we got out of the car the dogs tried to go over the hill. So went to see what it was and right below the edge of the cliff the dogs were down there. One half in the water and one half on the bank,” said Sampson.

Sampson took a photo of the dogs and posted it to social media in hopes of getting help and possible helping law enforcement find out who dumped the dogs.

The SPCA Cincinnati quickly got word of the dogs and went to the forest to recover the bodies. After a necropsy, the SPCA says the 2 dogs were humanely euthanized as a result of a persistent dog fight, between the two of them.

By recommendation of a veterinarian, the owner decided to have them put down.

A family friend was called to have the dogs buried, however the person in question made the unfortunate decision to drop them in the creek. Charges are pending and yet to be determined at this time.

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