23-year-old woman arrested after Elder HS teacher struck in hit-skip

23-year-old woman arrested after Elder HS teacher struck in hit-skip (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - Police say that they have arrested 23-year-old Kayla Wilson after an Elder High School teacher was sent to the hospital following a hit-skip in Price Hill.

Mr. Mark Klusman was struck by a vehicle on Warsaw Avenue early Saturday while he was volunteering his time to clean up Price Hill. Klusman is a Computer Science teacher at Elder High School.

Klusman was leading a group of students on a service project Saturday when he was injured. The group was cleaning up debris and leaves along lower Warsaw Avenue near Wilder. Wilson was reportedly driving on Warsaw when she lost control of her car. Klusman was getting a leaf blower out of the back of a parked truck.

Wilson was reportedly driving her vehicle under the influence of marijuana and at an excessive speed. Police say she struck Mr. Klusman and a parked vehicle.

“She locked up the tires and slid sideways toward the pickup truck,” said Elder Campus minister Roger Auer, who was working across the street. “She ended up hitting the back of the truck with the side of her car.”

Mr. Klusman sustained serious injuries as a result. Klusman, 74, was an avid runner until recent years when he took up walking. He was a daily fixture along Glenway Avenue, recognizable by his flowing white hair and long white beard.

At Elder, he is known as a compassionate, warm and caring teacher. His colleagues say they don’t have to ask him to volunteer for anything. He shows up every time.

“He’s so involved in everything. You can depend on him to be there,” said Elder teacher Rick Nohle.

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