Local 12 Investigates: 34 sirens in Kenton County never went off

34 sirens in Kenton County never went off (WKRC)

KENTON COUNTY, Ky. (WKRC) - A startling issue unfolded Wednesday morning, March 1.

Local 12 News learned that as storms were roaring in, some emergency sirens never sounded. As high winds barrelled down and tornado warnings were issued, dozens of sirens in Kenton County did not sound. Wednesday night the National Weather Service, Kenton County and the Commonwealth of Kentucky were all asking... why not?

Cathy Sutton from Independence was surprised the sirens did not go off. Local 12 investigated and confirmed none of the 34 emergency weather sirens across Kenton County sounded, even though the National Weather Service did issue a tornado warning at 6:58 a.m.

Tommy Thompson, director of the Emergency Communications Center said the message Kenton County got from the National Weather Service was mistakenly sent as a "low priority" and that his staff simply "missed it." Julia Reed with the National Weather Service said the service was "aware of problems" with sounding those sirens and that they were trying, "to determine what happened." They said so far it appeared the tornado warning was "coded properly."

Managers from Kenton County and the National Weather Service would be meeting to figure out what went wrong and try to make sure the sirens sound every time there was a warning. A test of those weather sirens in Kenton County was scheduled Tuesday, February 28, but the test was cancelled because bad weather was already moving in to the area.

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